Morgantown Bar Crawl

This semester I started to work for RubberU – the company that makes those WVU colored wristbands, (similar to the Livestrong bands) that allow you to save tons of money in restaurants, bars and in clothing stores, as well as at other places. This map gives the locations of the stops on the Bar Crawl that they’re hosting on February 19, 2010.

It’s $10 for the wristband and $5 for the entry cost. You get a t-shirt and free cover to all the bars on the crawl. Prizes include free pizza at Casa’s, free bar tabs plus many more! To sign up, contact me ASAP!

Here’s the facebook event for the bar crawl and here’s the RubberU website.


Revisiting the last post, here is a wedding photographer that makes save-the-date wedding trailers for the creative engaged couple. So you can get professionally produced videos. How awesome! Now you don’t have to read movie making for dummies and trying to figure it out yourself! HahaI found this on Youtube.com when I was searching for more videos. Her name is Jen May and she owns her own photography company in Visalia, CA. Here are some Fun Facts from her website about Ms. Jen:

“My first name is Jen May.
I’m 26-yrs-old and my business is in its 4th year.
My style: artistic, authentic, and journalistic.
I currently live in Visalia and work from home.
I shoot all over the state and can travel internationally.
I’m in L.A. practically every month.
I graduated at CSUN with a B.A. in Journalism.
I back everything up and use professional Canon Gear.
I go through professional labs for your prints.
I design custom albums and guest sign-in books.”

Too bad she doesn’t live on the east coast – I would LOVE to work with her!!! Here is a sample of one of her trailers:

I saw this video on the What Junebug Loves blog and it is freakin awesome! It’s such a clever save-the-date…I bet no one has really thought about it before.

I love it! It’s cute, funny, and has pretty good effects, considering it was home -made. I wish I had the skills to produce a video like that.

No Feuding Families!

Yay! You’re engaged and you love each other forever and ever! You run and tell your friends and relatives. Everything is just peachy keen until you realize your parents and his parents have never met. You start thinking “Holy crap! I’m marrying into his family too!” “What if they don’t like me?” “What if I don’t like them?” “What if the families don’t like each other???”

Don’t fret too much. Hopefully, before you two got engaged he brought you home to Ma and Pa to get their approval. If not, don’t worry a nice dinner works well to break the ice. Something not too stuffy but don’t go McDonald’s either. You want to show them that you care enough about being a part of his family, to take them out for a nice evening. Lucky for me, my fiancé spends a lot of time with his folks, going to Gettysburg for ghost tours or to Hershey Park, so naturally, I got hooked into the family pretty quickly. I already feel like I’m part of the family, which is nice.

My fiancé had a more subtle approach for me to meet his family. I don’t do subtle. My mom and I dragged him up to New Jersey to meet the majority of my mom’s side of the family for Easter dinner. He was a little overwhelmed at first, because he’s a shy one, but he warmed up after some good Ukrainian cooking. Even my little cousins liked him, and they’re picky with the older cousins significant others.

Even though his family liked me and my family liked him, his parents and my parents still hadn’t met. My dad wanted to make a good impression on them, so he got a reservation at Morton’s Steakhouse and Grill (if you’ve never heard about it, it’s a fairly expensive restaurant – when we had dinner there, the Ravens were there having a banquet. And sadly I didn’t get any autographs). The dinner went pretty well – I mean there wasn’t any arguing or food fights. They seemed to get along well and that was one less stress to worry about. Thank goodness!

If you don’t have a good family dinner, try a less formal date, like having a picnic or having a game night or going snow tubing, if it’s the blizzard that’s happening now. Hopefully, that will help both sets of parents bond. If that doesn’t work, just keep trying!

Wedding favors can either be a complete pain in the ass or they can be easy as pie. Either you buy them from a wedding favor website like Beau-coup which specializes in every wedding favor out there from edible favors to themed favors for themed weddings. This site has it all, and it comes highly recommended from Brides magazine and The Knot magazine, as well as both their corresponding websites.

If only I could be satisfied with jumping on the bandwagon. Yes it would relieve my stress if I were to buy some run-of-the-mill favor – a little trinket that half the guests will forget to bring home.

Nope. I have to add to my stress of planning this wedding all by myself, by making my own favors. Ugh…I mean it’s a really cute idea: getting Himalayan pink sea salt and put them into glass containers with or without  little spoons attached…haven’t found one that isn’t incredibly expensive. The color of the salt, matches the pink in my wedding colors (which are blush pink, sagey green, and chocolate brown). The favor will also serve as a place-card to tell guests where to sit. Double – duty, and eco-friendly.

Here are the varying shades and coarseness-es of the salt and the bottle (which is recycled glass):

I’ve had a chance to taste the salt and it’s nothing like you’ve tasted before. Yes, it’s salty (duh) but it also has a hint of sweetness, which is a little weird that it occurs naturally. I sampled it in a Japanese restaurant (Dragonfly in Morgantown, WV) on their edamame. It’s soooo good!

Go here to learn more about Himalayan sea salt…it’s actually quite interesting!

I saw this post on Offbeatbride.com today and I thought this was really interesting. The post is about translating the skills you used in planning your wedding into your career. The time management skills you get when you’re trying to balance your florist appointment, your caterer appointment and lunch with your bridesmaids. You learn to communicate with your relatives and your soon-to-be relatives without hurting anyone’s feelings when you can’t invite 3rd, 4th and 5th cousins to the wedding. You improve your writing and etiquette skills from creating those amazingly beautiful invitations, websites, save-the-dates etc. You gain manufacturing skills when you do all those DIY projects to cut down on costs. You gain bookkeeping or accounting from keeping track of your wedding budget and deciding whether to splurge on some bling or save it for an extra appetizer for the reception.

The big skill you learn is how to MANAGE STRESS!! No matter how much help you get in planning, you will always stress, just because it’s your big day and you want it to be perfect. If you can manage most of the stress, you’re on the right track. I’ve had a lot of time to plan my wedding (almost 2.5 years…yea its long), and thankfully I haven’t been too stressed out, but I still have wedding nightmares. It’s soo lame, I know, but it really makes me stressed out because I’m constantly checking my progress on the planning to make sure everything is going according to plan.

I’ve honestly never thought of translating your wedding planning into career skills; I just went with the bridal flow…like this was how it is, so get used to it. I know she talks about being careful about mentioning your wedding skills in a interview, because it’s not really business-like to mention your personal life. But if you could somehow spin it to your favor, it could really be a booster to your job experience.

Why not?

Just don’t put “I planned my own wedding on your resume”….. like I said, not too business-like.

You know once you book the venue, it seems like you’re actually on the right track to plan your wedding. Booking the photographer or the caterer, doesn’t give the wedding “flesh” but booking the actual place for it to be held, makes it more real. I started to look for places a few days after I got engaged, and really wasn’t satisfied with any of the choices out there, except for one: Chesapeake Bay Beach Club. It was sooo pretty, with the building right on the bay, but unfortunately, it was super expensive!

After that disappointment, my sister mentioned a place that she often patrols for the county she works in. She’s a police officer with the Prince George’s County Park Police and they often patrol county owned properties to make sure no shenanigans are going on. She suggested Oxon Hill Manor. It’s a historic manor overlooking the National Harbor. It’s amazing!! And it’s a less than a 5 minute drive from the new National Harbor area on the Potomac River, which would give our guests something to do before or after the wedding.

She set up an appointment, and we toured it – it was breathtaking! I love old architecture and buildings along with history and this just fit the bill! Beside the manor house is a large English garden with a reflecting pool where we decided we would have the ceremony. Then at the back there is a brick patio with a marble fountain. It’s like a fairytale venue for a summer wedding. I was so happy with the place I booked it right there and then! The office knows me by name now because I can’t stop showing it off to my family members and vendors. I make so many appointments! The faculty are fantastic there. They are so kind and helpful and recommended the caterer that I’m using now, Absolutely Perfect Catering.

They are 5 star caterer! They do everything from obviously catering, to rentals, to the cake, to making sure everything runs smoothly for my big day. They will be the ones dealing with the vendors if something goes wrong, so I don’t have to stress about it. And the food!! OMG the food at the taste test was amazing! It’s all organic, which fits perfectly with my eco friendly wedding and it’s all beautifully made. Since the food was all too good to choose just a few items, I made it a buffet, do I could incorporate everything that I wanted. However, the cake testing was my favorite (who doesn’t like that?!). My fiancé and I were torn between a few of the flavors but we settled on a 4 tiered cake, alternating flavors of vanilla cake with strawberry mousse and a chocolate cake with a chocolate mousse. Then it will be covered in chocolate fondant and covered with sugar cherry blossoms. I can’t wait to see it in person!!