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So today my fiance and I are officially homeowners! We have the keys in our possession! He was over there today looking over the house making sure everything is peachy and such. It sucks that I couldn’t be there with him to share that moment because I’m stuck here at school. But I only have 2 more weeks to go and then I am a graduate that is beginning her new life with her fiance, in her new home!

The only bad part about this situation, is packing up all the crap I’ve accumulated over the years living at my apartment. I can’t believe I have so much stuff! But I have a house …. so that kinda overrules that stress….kind of.


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Over the past month or so, my fiance and I have gone through the motions of buying our first house. Let’s just say, it’s been a complete emotional roller coaster for both of us. First, my fiance wanted a townhouse in Frederick. I completely objected because why should we pay the same amount or more for less space than a house? I also brought up the point that since he lives and works in Frederick currently, it wouldn’t be fair to me that I would have to do most of the traveling. We both agreed (meaning I won that argument) that getting a house would probably be the best investment. Our criteria was that we wanted a garage or carpad so we didn’t have to park on the street, relatively newer house, in a desirable neighborhood, central AC, electric or gas heat, at least some appliances, and a backyard. All those amenities within a price range between 140K to 170K.  So Frederick was crossed off our list – it’s too expensive and we weren’t getting any bang for our buck.

We enlisted the help of a realtor, which was a friend of a friend of my fiance’s mother. He was nice, but he wasn’t aggressive at all when it came to finding us a house. We had to do all the searching  and then he would just make the appointments to see the house. Because it’s a buyer’s market right now, you gotta be aggressive when getting a home.

We tried looking in a ton of areas all around central and western Maryland – places that would be about equal distance for both of us to commute. We found this one house in Brunswick, which literally was perfect for us and it met all our criteria. Unfortunately, because our realtor wasn’t aggressive, we lost the home to another buyer. We found another home in Hagerstown. It was smaller than the first one but it had a huge fenced in backyard, which would give us room to expand on the house if we wanted to, and it had a garage. Yet again, we lost the house because we followed the advice of our sucky realtor. After that blow, we were devastated. We lost 2 houses in a month. My mom suggested that we try Charles Town, WV and she found us a very aggressive realtor. We fired our old one that day.

Our new realtor sent us a bunch of listings at least twice or sometimes three times a day. We met on a Saturday to go searching in WV. Charles Town is about 45 mins from Frederick, 15 mins or so from Leesburg, VA and about an hour from Washington D.C. It’s an ideal location for both of us. We went through about 15 houses that day. It was exhausting but we narrowed our search down to two beautiful houses in the same neighborhood. One was like a dream house 4 bedroom 3 and half bath, huge kitchen and living room with a detached garage. But it was $189,000 – a little out of our price range. The house down the street was just as nice – 3 bedrooms 2 and a half bathrooms, a little smaller square footage, a semi-finished basement but no garage, just a car pad. This house was $169,000.

Here’s a couple pictures of the house that we are in contract with:

Settlement was supposed to be this past Friday but it got pushed to tomorrow. Hopefully, by noon, we will be officially homeowners!

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We all know that weddings surround the women, their dresses and how they look. No one really mentions the men. Let me tell you – they want to look just as good as the women do. I wasn’t able to go on the tuxedo adventure that my fiancé and his groomsmen had because I was stuck here at school, though, he did tell me about it. They went to Men’s Warehouse store in the Columbia Mall in Columbia, MD. I told him that I wanted him and his groomsmen to wear chocolate brown suits but the color of the vests and accessories were up to them.

So here’s his side of the story:

“A group of guys going into to pick out the style, colors, accessories and get fitted.  What an experience.  First, all the guys needed to fill out the paper work with the wedding date, address and all the other info that they need.  Then, everyone gets their turn getting fitted.  It was like a whirlwind – try this size on, how does that fit – too tight, too loose…..how about this tux?  After getting everyone fitted, now came the fun part.  Picking out all the stuff we needed.  Who knew there were sooooo many choices, colors and accessories? We already knew we were going with chocolate tuxes so that took care of the pants and jacket. Did we want plain shirts or with pleats?  We went with the plain style.  Now what color vest? We had to consider the colors my fiancée picked out for the wedding. Which color green will match the wedding colors better? Then we found that most of the vests had different patterns.  Decisions, decisions.  Then, we moved onto accessories.  We just went with plain silver after looking at about a dozen different styles.  Finally after a couple of hours, everything was done.  All we needed to do was pay.  Thank goodness for my parents – they took care of my suit, while the groomsmen had to pay for theirs. We thought we were done but there was still one more problem.  One of my groomsmen is out of state.  Not a problem.  Men’s Warehouse allows anyone to get fitted at any of their stores nationwide.  So the boys are done, just need to pick them up and try not to destroy them.”

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A  few weekends ago in February my bridesmaids, my mom and I went to an Alfred Angelo boutique in Glen Burnie, MD. It was nice enough but it was packed with brides and other bridal parties. It was like a swarm of bees to honey. Thank goodness I made an appointment!! I have three bridesmaids and then my sister is my maid of honor. My mom just came along for good measure. About a couple of months before I had picked out two seemingly good styles of bridesmaids dresses. They looked so adorable! They were either spaghetti strap or one-shoulder strap above the knee tea dresses, with ruching on the bodice. The dresses were floral prints in chocolate brown, a light pink or a clover green.

However, when the girls tried the 2 dresses on, they weren’t what we expected at all. They were snug and loose in all the wrong spots and they weren’t the fabric I thought they were. Thank GOODNESS we tried them on before we bought them! I let the girls loose in the store to pick out the style of dress they liked, as long as it was in the colors I specified. After trying on a bunch of ugly dresses, they finally all agreed on a strapless, cocktail dress with a sweetheart neckline in a chocolate brown color. I know every bride says that they can wear their bridesmaids dresses again, but these you actually can.

Of course this dress isn’t the right color – ours is in a chocolate brown. We plan on shortening the length about an inch and a half or so to make it more of a mini. So like I said, it’s a wear-again dress. We were also thinking of making a removable sash or belt under the bust to personalize it to fit the girls’ styles. I’m going to let the girls also pick out their own shoes as well – I want them to feel comfortable. I don’t want to become a bride-zilla haha! My sister is the maid of honor and she will be wearing a completely different dress than the others. She didn’t find anything she like there at the boutique, so she will find a dress somewhere else. I trust she can find a gorgeous dress without me being there!

Here is some store information from the boutique we went to:

Hours of Operation:

M-F: 11 am to 8 pm
Sat: 10 am to 6 pm
Sun: 12 pm to 5 pm

Store Manager: Linda Slater

(410) 766-6461

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