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There’s only one month left until the big day, and I just want to hurry up and get here! Everything is done, just a few last minute things to do and I’m in the clear. I’ve been planning this wedding for almost 2 years, and I’m tired of waiting, (I am not a very patient person – just ask my fiance). The only things left to do are the seating charts, the welcome bags for the guests that are staying at the hotel, the floral table themes and putting together the favors.

Instead of table numbers, I’m going to designate a flower to each table along with a printed picture of it. I’m going to hand carve the stamps on vinyl blocks and print them myself with chocolate brown ink onto recycled cardstock. It looks good in my head, so hopefully when I start making them, they’ll turn out as well as I planned.

For the welcome bags, I called the National Harbor Marketing office to see if I could get some coupon books or brochures to give to my guests. I ordered some, and hopefully they’ll be coming in soon. I’ll be using those recycled bags that everyone seems to use these days in a neutral color. That way if my guests so choose to do some shopping, they can use the bag I gave them instead of using plastic bags. I’ll also include some Maryland goodies like Old Bay and maybe some she-crab soup along with snacks and drinks.


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How I’ve been feeling lately——–(The Scream by Edvard Munch)

The only things that soothe me are Nickel Creek and the sweet texts my fiance sends me.

I have been sooooooooo stressed the past couple weeks – it’s midterm week(s) at WVU. Some classes have midterms before, and the others have it during the actual week. I’ve had projects due, research to complete, and meetings to attend and to top it all off, this Friday it will be exactly 3 months before my wedding [insert scream now]. Granted I have almost everything done and paid for, its the little details that can kill ya. So that’s the reason it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Sorry!

I recently sent out my save-the-dates which were from Magnetstreet Weddings, and obviously they were magnets – however they have other items as well. Here’s what it looks like, but I tweaked a few things on the colors:

Disclaimer that should have been on the website: when you try to send these save-the-dates through the mail, technically they aren’t letters because letters are paper. The post office considers them parcels, which cost $1.20, and we sent about 105 save-the-dates, (you guys can do the math!). We learned that at the first post office we went to – thankfully, the second one we went to didn’t seem to notice the difference. So we managed to send them without a hitch. I love getting comments on how pretty they came out from my guests!

I relinquished my planning duties of my bridal shower to my Mom and my sister (thank goodness!) and those invitations have been sent out, or so they tell me.  I’m just kidding, I am so grateful that they took that stress off my back. We were having trouble finding a venue that worked for both my family and my fiance’s family. We live about 40 minutes away from each other, so we were trying to find something accommodating yet pretty at the same time. We found this one venue, Linganore Winery, which is a small, family owned winery off interstate 70, (it’s practically in the center between our 2 endpoints).

It was a beautiful venue, which was perfect for us and they included a private wine tour with wine tasting for the our party. The only thing is, that they didn’t provide catering. So on top of the rental rate, we would have had to pay for catering too and we weren’t willing to pay that much for the bridal shower. The next place we checked out and what we decided to go for was Turf Valley golf resort. It’s much closer to my house but it’s also right off the interstate, so it’s easy to get to.

I’ve been to Turf Valley once or twice and the food was pretty good and so were the views. It was a popular place for people from my high school to work at, so at the time I knew a lot of people who worked there. I have yet to see the bridal shower invites but when I get it, I’ll scan it and post it on here.

Here’s a cute wedding video to keep you all busy:

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Revisiting the last post, here is a wedding photographer that makes save-the-date wedding trailers for the creative engaged couple. So you can get professionally produced videos. How awesome! Now you don’t have to read movie making for dummies and trying to figure it out yourself! HahaI found this on Youtube.com when I was searching for more videos. Her name is Jen May and she owns her own photography company in Visalia, CA. Here are some Fun Facts from her website about Ms. Jen:

“My first name is Jen May.
I’m 26-yrs-old and my business is in its 4th year.
My style: artistic, authentic, and journalistic.
I currently live in Visalia and work from home.
I shoot all over the state and can travel internationally.
I’m in L.A. practically every month.
I graduated at CSUN with a B.A. in Journalism.
I back everything up and use professional Canon Gear.
I go through professional labs for your prints.
I design custom albums and guest sign-in books.”

Too bad she doesn’t live on the east coast – I would LOVE to work with her!!! Here is a sample of one of her trailers:

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I saw this video on the What Junebug Loves blog and it is freakin awesome! It’s such a clever save-the-date…I bet no one has really thought about it before.

I love it! It’s cute, funny, and has pretty good effects, considering it was home -made. I wish I had the skills to produce a video like that.

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Wedding favors can either be a complete pain in the ass or they can be easy as pie. Either you buy them from a wedding favor website like Beau-coup which specializes in every wedding favor out there from edible favors to themed favors for themed weddings. This site has it all, and it comes highly recommended from Brides magazine and The Knot magazine, as well as both their corresponding websites.

If only I could be satisfied with jumping on the bandwagon. Yes it would relieve my stress if I were to buy some run-of-the-mill favor – a little trinket that half the guests will forget to bring home.

Nope. I have to add to my stress of planning this wedding all by myself, by making my own favors. Ugh…I mean it’s a really cute idea: getting Himalayan pink sea salt and put them into glass containers with or without  little spoons attached…haven’t found one that isn’t incredibly expensive. The color of the salt, matches the pink in my wedding colors (which are blush pink, sagey green, and chocolate brown). The favor will also serve as a place-card to tell guests where to sit. Double – duty, and eco-friendly.

Here are the varying shades and coarseness-es of the salt and the bottle (which is recycled glass):

I’ve had a chance to taste the salt and it’s nothing like you’ve tasted before. Yes, it’s salty (duh) but it also has a hint of sweetness, which is a little weird that it occurs naturally. I sampled it in a Japanese restaurant (Dragonfly in Morgantown, WV) on their edamame. It’s soooo good!

Go here to learn more about Himalayan sea salt…it’s actually quite interesting!

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I saw this post on Offbeatbride.com today and I thought this was really interesting. The post is about translating the skills you used in planning your wedding into your career. The time management skills you get when you’re trying to balance your florist appointment, your caterer appointment and lunch with your bridesmaids. You learn to communicate with your relatives and your soon-to-be relatives without hurting anyone’s feelings when you can’t invite 3rd, 4th and 5th cousins to the wedding. You improve your writing and etiquette skills from creating those amazingly beautiful invitations, websites, save-the-dates etc. You gain manufacturing skills when you do all those DIY projects to cut down on costs. You gain bookkeeping or accounting from keeping track of your wedding budget and deciding whether to splurge on some bling or save it for an extra appetizer for the reception.

The big skill you learn is how to MANAGE STRESS!! No matter how much help you get in planning, you will always stress, just because it’s your big day and you want it to be perfect. If you can manage most of the stress, you’re on the right track. I’ve had a lot of time to plan my wedding (almost 2.5 years…yea its long), and thankfully I haven’t been too stressed out, but I still have wedding nightmares. It’s soo lame, I know, but it really makes me stressed out because I’m constantly checking my progress on the planning to make sure everything is going according to plan.

I’ve honestly never thought of translating your wedding planning into career skills; I just went with the bridal flow…like this was how it is, so get used to it. I know she talks about being careful about mentioning your wedding skills in a interview, because it’s not really business-like to mention your personal life. But if you could somehow spin it to your favor, it could really be a booster to your job experience.

Why not?

Just don’t put “I planned my own wedding on your resume”….. like I said, not too business-like.

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