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There’s only one month left until the big day, and I just want to hurry up and get here! Everything is done, just a few last minute things to do and I’m in the clear. I’ve been planning this wedding for almost 2 years, and I’m tired of waiting, (I am not a very patient person – just ask my fiance). The only things left to do are the seating charts, the welcome bags for the guests that are staying at the hotel, the floral table themes and putting together the favors.

Instead of table numbers, I’m going to designate a flower to each table along with a printed picture of it. I’m going to hand carve the stamps on vinyl blocks and print them myself with chocolate brown ink onto recycled cardstock. It looks good in my head, so hopefully when I start making them, they’ll turn out as well as I planned.

For the welcome bags, I called the National Harbor Marketing office to see if I could get some coupon books or brochures to give to my guests. I ordered some, and hopefully they’ll be coming in soon. I’ll be using those recycled bags that everyone seems to use these days in a neutral color. That way if my guests so choose to do some shopping, they can use the bag I gave them instead of using plastic bags. I’ll also include some Maryland goodies like Old Bay and maybe some she-crab soup along with snacks and drinks.


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